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At Glassons sourcing our textiles responsibly remains our focus.

Over the last 3 years we have been working hard to ensure these textiles have verified environmental improvements, with transparency and certification at the forefront of this.

We have aligned ourselves with globally recognised certifications to ensure our sustainability journey is genuine.

Our product sustainability strategy has been built around 6 main product categories that aim to overarch our product ranges and we are committed to using the most respected textile certification programs available.

These categories have been identified as, Recycled, Traceable, Planet Conscious, Organic, Vintage and Upcycled.

Recycled Fibres

Recycled Fibres

Using Recycled fibres decreases the production of virgin raw materials, and helps divert waste from going to landfill, lessening the dependency on fossil fuels. Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is our preferred certification program for the sourcing and verification of recycled fibres. We committed to working towards full certification by the end of 2021, however we have not met this target in certain categories and we will continue to update our progress in 2022.


Traceable Fibres

The traceability of our natural fibres is fundamental to our responsible sourcing practices at Glassons. Traceable Fibres are those that we can trace back to the source. We have aligned with some of the world's most valued certification groups that focus on sustainably managed fibre


Planet Conscious

Our planet conscious category looks at both certification of cotton fibres sourced and eco-friendly processes. There are many elements that go into the production of cotton textiles. We are committed to working towards sourcing organic cotton, you'll see this taking over the Planet Conscious product.



As part of our sustainability journey to reduce our impact on the planet, we want to bring the revival of relevant trends to our customers through vintage clothing. Each piece is repurposed, reused and then re-loved!


We will continue to source Vintage and Vintage rework to integrate and complement our range.


Upcycled Fabric

Upcycling is the process of generating new garments from left over material. This reduces the burden on landfill and slows down virgin textile production. We recognise the importance of reducing our reliance on virgin materials. In partnership with suppliers we are trying to source discarded fabric as well as off-cuts.


We are working towards Upcycling becoming a significant component of our sustainability journey.

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