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Does Merino Wool Shrink or Stretch?

One of our favourite features of merino wool is how it stretches to your body when worn but returns to shape when you take it off. To make sure it keeps its shape long-term, be sure to dry your merino wool clothing on a flat surface (no hanging!). And, of course, the best way to avoid shrinkage is to avoid the dryer. Natural air-drying is wool’s best friend.

How Do You Wash Merino Wool?

Like many luxury fabrics, merino wool clothing needs that little bit of extra care. Be sure to check the garment tag for specific washing instructions – these are designed to keep your knitwear looking good and feeling cosy for a long time to come. We recommend washing your merino knitwear on a gentle cycle in cool or warm water (never hot).

Our pro tip? Avoid fluff balls from forming over time by turning your knits inside out before washing.

Can Merino Wool Go in the Dryer?

The high quality of merino wool clothing makes it resilient, but your gorgeous merino knitwear will last longer if the right care is taken. Heat is the enemy of wool, particularly high-quality wools like merino. No matter how much of a hurry you’re in to wear your gorgeous new merino top, don’t throw it in the dryer, as this risks shrinkage and damages the fibres. Instead, lay your merino garments flat to dry, and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

Where Is Merino Wool From?

Merino wool comes from – you guessed it – the Merino sheep. It’s breathable, naturally antibacterial fibre that offers superior warmth in chilly climates. When a Merino sheep gets a haircut, the cut wool is collected and formed into quality merino wool clothing.

Why do we love merino? It’s ultra-soft, ultra-stylish, and ultra-gorgeous. Shop yours instore or online at Glassons today, and join the merino revolution.

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