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Here at Hallenstein Glasson Holding Ltd we recognise the importance of protecting the environment and will minimise the environmental impact of work practices carried out by the company where possible. Environmentally sustainable work practise are those which reduce the harm on the environment and reduce wastage if our resources.

Hallenstein Glassons Holdings Ltd are working towards a net-zero carbon emissions reduction target by 2050.

All employees can help protect the environment by following the guidelines below:


  • Use goods which stop waste being generated.
  • Reduce waste by choosing products that have minimal packaging and can be used productively and then recycled.
  1. Hallensteins instore bags are made of 100% bio degradable materials
  • Re-use containers and packaging, wherever possible.
  1. At end of life cycle - all Glassons store fixtures are onsold to a manufacturer for repurposing
  2. Unwearable items (i.e faulty goods) are sent to charity where they are repurposed into rags, insulation or woollen blankets for India.
  • Recycle waste material, wherever possible.
  1. Recycle 99% of card in all of our Distribution Centres
  2. Recycle 99% of polybags in all of our Distribution Centres
  3. Recycle 99% of card in all of our retail stores
  4. Glassons donate all development samples to Charity
For waste that can't be avoided, reused or recycled
  • Dispose of the waste safely.
  • Use Biodegradable plastics where possible

Some guidance on how to support the above policy are as follows:

Strategies to be considered by the Board and Senior Management

  • Always consider sustainability issues when making planning and management decisions.
  • Promote and encourage environmental awareness to ensure employees are aware of their environmental responsibilities.
  • Ensure our suppliers have a suitable environmental and waste management policy in place.
Procurement guidelines
  • Search for environmentally-friendly products.
  • Choose products with less packaging.
  • Choose products with recyclable or reusable packaging.
  • Re-use packaging if possible.
  • Buy quality goods that will last.
  • Buy recycled goods which have already saved resources and raw materials, and help reduce the overall quantity of waste.
Paper wastage
  • Buy and use paper from responsible or recycled sources
  • Make double-sided copies when printing and photocopying, wherever possible.
  • Use the blank side of used paper for notepaper before recycling.
  • Re-use envelopes for internal mail.
Disposal of waste
  • Place the following in recycle bins, depending on recycling facilities available.
    • paper
    • aluminium
    • glass
    • steel
  • Follow the guidelines for the disposal of these materials to minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Use these strategies to minimise energy wastage:
    • Close blinds or curtains to minimise heat build-up, where possible.
    • Maintain only security lighting after business hours.
    • Switch off equipment overnight wherever possible.
    • Repair malfunctioning utilities (e.g. leaking taps) as soon as possible.
  1. Glassons – All new store fit outs have LED lighting to reduce energy usage.
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